Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tangential to the dominant paradigm - Introducing CyberMonkey

It's not a post on forensics (your first and only warning), but it is geekery ... with a slight banana flavor.

I just finished a small side project that has been growing in the background for a while. It's a mish mash of various electronic, hand made,and mechanical parts that I've accumulated overtime.

It has been evolving , and a couple of days ago I added in Bluetooth LE support ... and as you know everything is better with Bluetooth.

Recipe for Cyber Flying Monkey
- One wooden money with vest and fez
- 2 x EL Wire (different colors)
- 1 x Arduino (choose your flavor)
- 1 x Neopixel
- Wings
- Bluetooth LE module
- idle hands
- and mix well with random contiguous chunks of time.
- (some parts missing from recipe to protect the world from a legion of self aware evolving cyber monkeys.)

Most likely, cyber monkey, will evolve into some sort of Internet aware notification system. With his heart changing color to indicate different status updates. He may raise his wings, and flash his gun hand and fez to highlight important messages. I'm looking at pairing him with a Raspberry PI or BeagleBone over Bluetooth LE.